Safety in cryptos

Blockchain Technologies SPC is a regulated, multi-strategy, segregated investment vehicle.

With high-class service providers and partners, we help clients around the world to get safely invested in the cryptocurrency market through traditional investment structures.

We offer both discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio and wallet management services as well as custody and safekeeping arrangements for those investors looking to host their own segregated funds with us.

All digital assets are managed by our CMS licensed asset management partner in Singapore with Fund white labelling and sub-advisory mandates available to regulated entities.

To discuss our full services and product offerings, please contact our investor relations team below.

Blockchain Technologies SPC Disclaimer

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Individual with net personal assets exceeding S$2,000,000 in value (or its equivalent in a foreign currency)
A corporation with net assets exceeding S$10,000,000 in value (or its equivalent in a foreign currency)
A corporation the sole business of which is to hold investments and the entire share capital of which is owned by one or more individuals, each of whom is an accredited investor
A trustee of a trust the sole purpose of which is to hold investments and each beneficiary of which is an individual who is an accredited investor
Institutional Investors
Executive Officer, director or other general partners of the issuer
Financial Institution
Finance company
A Statutory Body
A Pension Fund or collective investment scheme
Investment company
Insurance company
Broker or dealer
Business development company
Employee benefit plan or
An entity in which the equity owners are accredited investors.


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